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There are many restaurants there in USA, but not as many as Claim Jumper. If you’ve been there at least once, you know what I mean. And they got a lot of in-store promotions/coupons, birthday deals and other promotions too. Let me help you out a little. It’s not complicated:

JOIN Claim Jumper to get In-store Printable Coupons.
The perfect way to get in-store printable coupon for Claim Jumper. You might also get a birthday discount, which is awesome! Rolling! No other coupon at the moment! Also for March 2017.

Get $10 Reward card with $50 in Gift cards purchases.
Expired 31 December 2014. Use them until 31 May 2014 (from 2 January 2015).

Take a look around their Facebook account for new deals monthly.
Most brands use their official Facebook pages to give prizes + deals to their friends/fans. Be sure to like them to get the latest deals.


Find your local Claim Jumper, take your coupons (if you still have any) and eat something!

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