Hometown Buffet coupons

I love my local Hometown Buffet! I love their food: they have food for your breakfast, lunch and for your dinner. They have alnost free stuff for your kid’s and even more offers! I guess you already know they have printable coupons & kid’s deals, but I just wanted to make a good/always update list with them all:

Hometown Buffet Promotions – Kid’s eat for 99 Cents Thursdays.
Expires 30 April 2017. 5-8 PM.

Get the latest (2015) Coupon Book from Hometown Buffet.

JOIN Their Club to get Coupons + Deals.
Expires 30 April 2017.
No need to search for coupons from now on – you will get them via email if you join their eclub.

Text/smsĀ Crave732 to 283338 and get One Free Dinner with One Dinner Purchase. Some say it still works! For you?


Find our your local Hometown Buffet, take your coupons and eat with your kid’s!

Find out even more buffet/restaurant coupons!

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  1. judy nelson says:

    I want the coupon message texted to me…
    what do I do….I do not understand to just text crave 732 to 283338 (what is their phone number? Please advise as we are a regular customer… thank you

  2. i need 5 hometown buffet coupons plz

  3. Just used the text Crave732 to 283338 and it still works.

  4. Lizzie Jane says:

    @WENDY R. Cool! Good news!

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