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Always looking for new dog food? For cheaper dog food? Cheaper dog food is always easier to get/buy if you have printable coupons and sometimes promo codes to use online. I haven’t see a lot of coupons for Iams lately, but whatever I find I’ll make sure to post around here. Let’s get started:

JOIN Iams Dog Food Club to get Coupons.
If you can’t find printable coupons on the web or in local newspapers (magazines), signing up to their club is your best chance of getting coupons/deals. If you are lucky enough (altough I am not sure about it), you might get birthday discounts too.

Get 4+ Printable Coupons for Iams.
Expires 30 April 2017. More in May 2017.
From coupons.com.

Get $2/1 Iams Canned Cat / Dog Food E-coupon.
Expired 27 September 2014.

Keep in touch around Iams Facebook Account.
What is lovely about their official Facebook account is that you can actually get/ask about coupons and you will get an answer (most probably). Look here about more info about coupons (it seems you can either call/email to get more coupons if needed). You can also find coupons in your Sunday Paper.

New P&G coupons:

  1. $1/3 Iams Canned Food from P&G Insert from 12 May 2013 (expired 30 June 2013).
  2. $1/1 Iams Dry Food from P&G Insert from 12 May 2013 (expired 30 June 2013).
  3. $1/1 Iams biscuits/treats coupon in P&G Insert from 12 May 2013 (expired 30 June 2013).


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  1. I have a very bad habit about rescuing animals. And I am not even working. Right now I have 8 dogs. 2 of which are allerigic to the grain and stuff. and 5 inside cats and I don’t know how many outdoor cats I feed. 3 large birds and 1 rabbit. I would greatly appreciate any help and continuing help for these animals. There is something wrong with each one that makes them not desirable for others to adopt. I would love to find a way to keep them and not take them to the shelter.

    • Laura,
      I know exactly how you feel. You don’t want your little family members to end up euthanized, so you may want to consider researching private agencies to help out and they may even be able to help you place some of them in good homes. As hard as it may be to let some of them go, it’s not good for their health or yours (the stress alone of taking care of so many must be really stressful). I have 4 dogs myself and it can get a little stressful at times, so you really need to consider what is the best for your babies. Good Luck.
      Kind Regards

  2. It is irresponsible and selfish of you to “adopt” cats and dogs you cannot take care of.

    That is way too many animals. You have issues, stop dragging innocent animals into your problems.

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