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Looking to save some money Want to eat something like: mozzarella, salads (italian salads), pork, chicken, good seafood?¬†Johnny Carinos has it all – from seafood to italian food. That’s why it’s my favorite restaurant! But I found out that they also send some coupons when you join their eclub, which is awesome. Let’s see:

JOIN Johnny Carinos to get an $5 OFF coupon.
Just found out that one of my favorite restaurants gives $5 OFF coupon via sign up to their own eclub – Johnny Carinos. You will get special offers + birthday offers too (maybe). You might get a free dessert printable coupon via sign up to their own eclub. Check out their awesome menu too.

Get one $5 gift card for free with $30 in gift cards purchase.
Expired 1 January 2016.

Check out their Official Facebook account.
You can find chats about coupons / deals / cool info! No new coupons for the moment! For March 2017.

Important – the best way to get your first printable coupon is to join their eclub (for a $5 off coupon / or free dessert or appetizer). You can also buy gift cards or keep an eye on your Sunday Paper for coupons (from time to time). Don’t forget to keep an eye on their social media account – if you need to find something related to Carinos, their social media account is the best way to find out – coupons included!


Find out your local Carinos, take your coupons with you and be super happy!

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