Swiffer Wet Jet coupons

Want the latest Swiffer Wet Jet for your family? There are plenty of deals, but they aren’t printable coupons, but deals/sign up promotions. You need to sign up for the savings, so you won’t be able to print the coupons immediatly (without sign up). Let’s get started:

GET the latest Swiffer Wet Jet/Swiffer Coupons.

  • they have an $1 off discount/coupon (via sign up) for furniture spray.
  • they have another $5 off discount/printable coupon for SweeperVac.
  • they also have the regular $1 off coupon for Dusters.
  • they have the lovely (the one you are looking for) $7 OFF discount via sign up for Swiffer Wet Jet.
  • and the last one if another $5 off discount/coupon for the Sweeper. All rolling for now (for 2017)

Important – you can actually get various coupons from your Sunday Paper (most brands give coupons there), Ebay and even from their Facebook account. Like/Get the latest promotions/coupons for Swiffer and many more brands.

Get $3/2 Swiffer Sweeper Ecoupon.
Expired 26 October 2013. Maybe more in March 2017.


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