Tampon coupons

Looking for tampons? Want to save some cash? Of course you do, we all do! So I put together a list with some tampon printable coupons: more brands, more ways to save! The list is going to be updated on regular basis, so don’t worry! New coupons come out, old coupons are deleted and so on. Let’s see:

Print $1 OFF Playtex Tampon Coupon.
This coupon works for Playtex Tampon Sports coupons (for 14 ct or more). You need to sign up to get the coupon! Expires 30 April 2017. (or even later).

Print $2 OFF Playtex feminine item Coupon.
Just found this printable coupon via Target Coupons! Might work at Target stores only! Expired!

Print $1 OFF 2+ tampon products via Target.
Just found another Target printable coupon for tampons. Might work only on Target stores! Don’t know when it expires! Expired!

SS Inserts coupons for tampons:

  • $1/1 Playtex tampons / sport tampons coupon only in SS Insert from 9 June 2013. Expires 14 June 2013.
  • $1/2 Kotex tampons only in SS Insert from 16 June 2013. Expired 27 June 2013.


Important – you can also buy/get tampon coupons via Ebay. There are tons of coupons available there! Just search for tampon coupons via Ebay if you want!

Found more tampon coupons? Not available at this page for the moment?

Please share! Thanks!

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